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16 Apr 2016

Our Philosophy on Fitness for Rehabilitation

Written by Bismah Tanvir

The phenomenon of fitness is very much a misunderstood thing between talent and skill. It is a skill, and that can surely be developed. For some obsessed people, it is their way of living, and some take it just as another thing to keep them actively busy outdoors. Nevertheless, fitness in general and fitness for rehabilitation, in particular, demands a lot out of the person taking on the challenge. The person going through any health program with a certain set of goals should always feel passionate about it and must not take it as any obligation. It is because of the psychological factor, triggering adverse effects and those are closely associated with the fitness level of people.

Fitness Addiction

“Fitness freaks” normally are described as addicted and “over-obsessed” with their workout routine. Addiction of such type is something which could make anyone proud about it, and fitness addiction is seen as a healthy expression of that energy rather than turning to something more sinister. Along with the extended periods spent in the gym, excessive exertions could bring occasional injuries as well, but strong resilience and will-power against injuries and high motivation would keep them well on track towards their fitness goals. On the contrary, injuries of serious nature should be given their due time to heal or otherwise, as such injuries could prolong and serve as an impediment in their way to success. Furthermore, in extreme circumstances, a second opinion from a fitness expert should always be taken as that would help in avoiding getting into the “Adonis Syndrome” zone.



Spending hours in the gym or on a running track aimlessly would never return fruitful results. If you follow a fitness lifestyle, then you must have your legitimate goals and have the self-belief that you can achieve them in a finite amount of time. Moreover, physical exertion heavily demands you to have an organized and fresh mind all the time. Research has shown that fitness-seekers eliminate any symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression with a much better sleep as well. Never overexert however, as there are reports that people who over-do in the gym, sometimes find themselves struggling in their relationships and having huge emotional disorders.

Equate Progress with Life Goals

If you are a regular gym goer with legitimate health targets, but on the other hand struggling with your life goals, the gym can seem like an escape – like a therapy session. However, like any escape, it should not be relied upon to solve the issues you need to address. Aligning your life goals with your fitness program can have amazing benefits, and keep you on track. Successful people employ a system to achieve targets – both the gym and your life schedule can be organized the same way. If you get frustrated more than gaining the health benefits, then you may need to re-analyze your health targets with your life goals.

Proving Doctors Wrong

A good chunk of people gets into fitness for rehabilitation due to obesity. Doctors very often suggest that surgery is the only way to lose that body fat. However, people with high dedication and motivation levels could prove their doctor wrong with considerable results shown in just a few weeks. A healthy diet coupled with an active exercise routine could excel the rehabilitation process. This is again an opportunity, where you can prove your doctor wrong by gaining fitness in your desirable manner.
Conclusively, fitness is everything to cope with hectic challenges of today’s life. Make sure always to consult a medical practitioner and an exercise specialist in any such need during your fitness for a rehabilitation program.



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