How To Turn Your Fitness From BLAH Into Fantastic

How To Turn Your Fitness From BLAH Into Fantastic

Generally speaking, all of us want to remain fit and healthy mainly to live longer despite the fact that our age and the life span is often no way relevant to our health and fitness. For most of us, fitness means improving our physical ability to live the kind of lifestyle we wish to live and enjoy. Fitness means altogether different for the different set of people. For an elderly diabetic or hyper tensed person, it may mean the ability to play with grandkids and derive energy and happiness, yet for youngsters, it may mean to climb or play and perform better and best in football, cricket, swimming or any other sport.

In my opinion, fitness is something more than just working out at Gyms and Health Clubs. Yes, Gyms can provide us many machines, tools and equipment with workout programs to improve our stamina by inducing physical fatigue, but there is much more to be done to make sure the goals of a fitness program are accomplished. However, certain reasons hinder the progress and success of a fitness program.

Reasons behind the failure of a fitness program

  • Monotonous Fitness sessions

So much of a regular and addicted kind of workout also makes you feel bored, monotonous and rather unmotivated. You start taking extended breaks or suddenly give up your schedule. This is one of the many reasons that become the cause of the failure of a fitness program. Monotony is one thing that makes us human beings bored and fed up with whatever task we have indulged ourselves in.

  • Unrealistic approach towards the setting of fitness goals

Another aspect that could be considered responsible for the failure of a fitness program is the setting up of goals and objectives that lay nowhere close to reality. Initially, every individual is highly spirited and well-motivated towards their fitness program and they become too excited for the task which eventually makes them set up unrealistic goals. A well-designed fitness program which is bound to harvest results will always go slow, steady, and progressive. The fitness game is all about delayed gratification.

  • Initializing a fitness program without body assessment

Going ahead with a fitness program without initially assessing one’s fitness level is another common mistake which unfortunately shortens the fitness program and cuts off before time. Every person is different from another, and every human body has a different set of requirements. The food intake requirement, the flexibility of the muscles and the body composition are some factors that are needed to be assessed before initializing a fitness program. If you don’t know where you start, how can you know where you’re going? What constitutes “results” if there’s no Point A, and no Point B?



Bringing stability and sustainability in a fitness program

Following are some key factors that are to be considered to bring stability in your fitness programs:

  • Strategic planning

The first thing that is essential to the success of a fitness program is the strategic plan. A fitness program should be designed differently for each individual, and again as that person adapts and changes according to their exercise regimen. A program that brings phenomenal results in one person may not be as suitable for another, and one program won’t work forever. Smash through plateaus by changing your program regularly.

  • Making long term fitness goals shorter

Secondly, the best way a person can adapt to reach a long-term goal for fitness is to break down the long-term goal into several short term goals and take practical steps in achieving short term goals one by one. This helps to check up on the progress time to time, which strengthens the feeling of motivation and keeps the spirits high.

  • Bringing activity into the daily routine

It is not necessary that only a workout session adds fitness into the lifestyle of an individual rather bringing activity into the daily routine of a person can also pose tremendous impacts to his health and ensure fitness. Incorporating strenuous activities during your daily errands can cause drastic improvements in your fitness.

  • Plan Various Activities

Planning various fitness activities in your daily routine will not let you get bored easily from your fitness program, and it can also reduce the chances of injury by overusing one particular joint or muscle again and again. All parts of the body should be involved, so you should always plan different workout activities.


Fitness is less of stamina and more of the feeling to think whether you are fit or unfit. It is usually a matter of personal emotions. Once you have decided to go for a fitness plan with full determination, nothing can fail you!


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Written by Bismah Tanvir


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