Based in Sydney, Revamp PT is a team of health, dietary, fitness and rehabilitative professionals, each passionate about optimum fitness and real results. Our team cuts through conflicting opinions and undermines industry jargon to bring you a highly individualized approach.

The staff at Revamp PT have been in and around the fitness industry for over a decade, participating in a number of sports including weight-lifting, martial arts, baseball, multiple codes of rugby, basketball and wakeboarding to name a few; all sports with high levels of stress on the body incurring multiple injuries. It was during these injuries and developments of muscular imbalances that we noticed the large inconsistency between the onset of allied health treatment, and the return to optimal health and fitness. Not content with having to rest and recover, Revamp PT was born out of the research and development of ongoing rehabilitative training programs designed to accelerate healing and fitness.


  • Comprehensive strength, cardiorespiratory fitness & functional assessments
  • Rehabilitative-focussed personal training
  • Structural stability, balance testing and training
  • Group classes
  • Functional training and         muscle activation
  • Body recomposition, nutritional assessments and consistent advice
  • Falls prevention programs
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Pilates
  • Program development and periodization designed to get you past injury and back to what you love doing
  • Liaising with allied and medical health professionals in order to comprehensively and consistently personalize your program


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Meet Our Team

Sydney's Leading Evidence-Based Online Rehabilitative Personal Training & Exercise Science Company
  • Daniel Carter
    Founding Partner & Fitness Specialist
    Advanced Diploma Of Nutrition & Fitness
  • Luke Currey
    Managing Partner & Accredited Exercise Scientist, AES ESSAM
    Bachelor Of Applied Science (Exercise & Sport Science)

Thanks Luke and Revamp for helping me achieve the body I dreamed of and adapting my program around my heart condition.

Thanks to Luke and the Revamp staff, I was finally able to rehab a recurring knee injury and compete again! I’m forever grateful!

I thoroughly recommend the Revamp team for anyone needing assistance achieving a goal in any form of fitness or personal well-being.

The team at Revamp PT have been absolutely instrumental in helping me achieve my health and fitness goals.

Dan and the team at Revamp has proven time and time again, through results, that his knowledge simply works.

I highly recommend the team at Revamp PT to everyone in my situation!

After working with Dan and the team at Revamp, I was able to confidently overcome my injury, and compete in my first competition!

Their expert knowledge and consistent support is beyond measure!

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