We're here to revamp the approach to injury rehabilitation and fitness. Your life isn't categorized by one specific factor, and neither should your health and well-being. Together, we'll tackle your aspirations from every angle - a complete, unique and inclusive methodology to get you back on the path to optimum health and fitness.

Step one to making a full recovery is getting active again. Don’t hinder your progress with plateaus and excess rest.


Nutrition is the key to your body composition. Consume premium fuel for your engine, and make sure you taper it depending on your needs.


Your attitude, not aptitude, will determine your altitude. With the right motivation, you can achieve anything.

Our Source Of Motivation

Forget all the reasons why it won't work and
believe the one reason why it will!


Helping Others Is Our Passion

"The team at Revamp PT are able to translate their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and psychology to bridge the gap between the specific application of allied health practices and your ongoing recovery to comprehensive health, fitness, and performance. Through our programs; our clients develop lifelong skills, strategies and knowledge to ensure optimum health for ideal living and sustainability. We are here to guide you back to your optimum health and fitness."

Want to know how?


We Work With

We work with various health professionals from GP's to Physiotherapists to Nutritionists, and we all work together to help you achieve your goals!

Thanks Luke and Revamp for helping me achieve the body I dreamed of and adapting my program around my heart condition.

Thanks to Luke and the Revamp staff, I was finally able to rehab a recurring knee injury and compete again! I’m forever grateful!

I thoroughly recommend the Revamp team for anyone needing assistance achieving a goal in any form of fitness or personal well-being.

The team at Revamp PT have been absolutely instrumental in helping me achieve my health and fitness goals.

Dan and the team at Revamp has proven time and time again, through results, that his knowledge simply works.

I highly recommend the team at Revamp PT to everyone in my situation!

After working with Dan and the team at Revamp, I was able to confidently overcome my injury, and compete in my first competition!

Their expert knowledge and consistent support is beyond measure!


Work is our favorite four letter word. It’s also what defines us as a client focused Personal Training company.

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